What is a Speed Limit Bylaw?

A Speed Limit Bylaw sets speed limits for local roads within a district. You can view a copy of Waipā’s Speed Limit Bylaw 2019 at Council offices or libraries or online here.

Will my trip be slower after enforcing the new Speed Limit Bylaw?

The new speed limits will only have a minor time impact on your journey. How long it takes you to travel from ‘a’ to ‘b’ is mainly controlled by the road environment, other road users, the number of intersections and amount of traffic on the road. For example, if you travel from Te Awamutu to Cambridge, via Cambridge Road, the proposed speed limit change will add no more than one minute to this 23km trip. 

What happens now? When will the speed limit changes take place?

The new speed limits will come into force from November 4.  This takes into account time needed to install new signage, communicate the changes with the community and other key people. 

If I am not happy with the changes, what can I do about it?

We have considered lots of factors including feedback from our community. However, you are welcome to contact Council via email info@waipadc.govt.nz or phone 0800 924 723 to tell us your thoughts. 

How were the proposed changes decided?

The NZ Transport Agency’s (NZTA) Speed Management Guide was created in 2016 and encourages all councils to consider the risks on roads when setting a new speed limit. The types of factors a Council will consider include:

  • what’s in the area (e.g. housing, schools, retirement homes or businesses)
  • the types of road users (e.g. cars, cyclists, trucks or pedestrians)
  • the amount of traffic on the road
  • what the road is like (e.g. type of surface, width, visibility, intersections, corners or number of lanes)
  • the crash risk on the road.

Waipa District Council also worked with organisations such as NZ Police and AA and NZTA and received more than 570 submissions from the community.

What about the State Highways?

NZTA build, manage and maintain the 88km of state highways within the Waipā district and the responsibility for managing speeds on these roads sits with them.

NZTA has started its own review of speed limits on state highways in the wider Waikato Region.  We have already passed on the feedback we have received from the Waipā community about the state highways in our district and will continue to work closely with NZTA. 

Will more changes be made in the future?

Possibly, yes. But the community will be kept well informed.

I submitted that a road needs a lower speed limit but it hasn’t been changed. Why?

We consider a lot of different factors when setting a speed limit for the roads. This year is the first year we have used the new Speed Management Guide to set our speed limits and we’ve focused on the roads with the highest risk that need to be improved first. 

Can I suggest a speed change on a road that isn’t included in the new Bylaw?

Yes. We want to hear your feedback on any other road you think might need its speed limit reviewed.

Will Police increase their enforcement of speed limits when the changes take place?

It’s up to NZ Police how they enforce speed limits in Waipā. We’ve been working with Police to get their feedback on these changes and will work with them once the changes come into effect.  

How can I find out if the speed on my road has changed?

You can search your home address in this online map tool (link) to find out where speeds have changed. You can also find a copy of the Speed Limit Bylaw 2019 on the Council website (link to the document). Hard copies are available at Council office and libraries.