Have you heard what your community thinks about speed?

Students take on the experts

A group of students at Cambridge East Primary school were given the opportunity this week to grill a panel of Waipā District Council roading experts on the new speed limits.

On Wednesday, more than 60 Year 5 and 6 students led a discussion with Council transportation manager, Bryan Hudson, and engineer, Xinghao Chen, about the 200 speed limit changes which came into effect last month.

They wanted to know why the limits were changed, how the speed on roads were determined, how many limits had been changed and what it meant to be an engineer.

Hudson said the students were particularly interested in the changes to speed limits around their school and offered some great suggestions for improvements to the road.

“We were blown away with the questions the students asked and how switched on they were. It was great to see such enthusiasm and ambition in our young people and address their questions in person.”

The school group had been conducting inquiries into various topics such as roller coasters and speed limits to identify potential issues and solutions.

“It was very interesting to hear about the process they used to flesh out their inquiries because it is very similar to how engineers identify and solve problems,” Hudson said.

“I was really impressed with each and every one of those children and I am hoping some of them will pursue careers in engineering.”

Waipā District Council is one of four councils in the Waikato region to lower speed limits. Hudson said the changes were a first step towards creating safer roads for the district’s growing population.

An amazing group of artists from Cambridge East School

“Taking the boys out and about near the roads is always a bit nerve wracking. I'm really happy the speed limits will be lowered because it will mean my boys are a little bit safer when they're having fun on their scooters.”

Fraser: 29, Dispatcher 
Flynn: 6, Primary Schooler
Parker: 3, Kindergartener 

“I think speed decreases across Waipa are a GREAT idea. I love the thought that the whole system for little ones will be moving just a wee bit slower – in fact, for the benefit of everyone! It just makes town a nicer, safer place to move around – whether you’re walking, riding, scooting or in a car!

Sarah: 43, Olympic cyclist

“Speed is always a factor in how serious a crash is. There is a massive difference between 40km/h and 50km/h even through it might not seem like it while you’re driving but for someone getting hit, it can be life or death." 

Keegan: 21, Police Officer 

"We're a young family in Waipa and for us, the lowered speed limits are a great thing. Knowing that we can safely cross the road to get to the park is awesome and if the kids do anything unexpected, there is time for people to react."

The Porima Family

“On our street we have a kindy down the road and a block of elderly people here. Right now people just fly down the road in their cars. Reducing the speed limit around here will make a huge difference. Both the kids, ourselves and our friends will be much safer.”

Ron: 70, Retiree
Judy: 71, Retiree

“As a group of women who walk every evening around the streets of Cambridge, we love that the speed limits are going to be reduced. It needs to happen for the benefit of everyone who uses the roads - walkers, cyclists, horse riders, children - we will all benefit.”

Fat Bottom Girls Walking Group