Each year there are an average of 240 crashes on Waipa roads.

Between January and September 2019:

People have died on our roads.

People have been injured.

People have been seriously injured.

On 4 November 2019, more than 200 speed limits will be changed to make our roads safer.

Crossing residential areas, rural communities and spanning 1,099km, the roads in our district are our greatest asset and biggest risk. Together, we need to make them as safe as possible for you, your whanau and all other road users, which is why we are reducing our speeds.  

Some of the changes include reducing speed limits in our town centres to 40km/h, adding more 50 and 60km/h zones in urban areas and reducing speeds in our rural areas to 60 and 80km/h. We have also lowered speeds around schools to keep our kids safe. 

Use our online map here to check if the speed limit on your road has changed.

Why this is happening?

In 2018, we began looking at all our roads in Waipā to make sure they were safe for those who use them and would continue to be safe for the extra 25,000 people who will call Waipā home by 2050. The first step was to look at speed.

We consulted with the community and asked them which roads they thought should be changed. We spoke to national experts and sought their advice. And, we looked at the stats. 

The result was a change to more than 200 speed limits across the district as a first step towards making our roads safer. We’ve also got other plans in place to improve safety such as new pedestrian crossings, additional cycle lanes and better intersections.

So on 4 November make sure to;

Think you know the signs?

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